Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hidden Meadows...A Delightful Place to Park your RV "Down By the River"

After we sold our house very quickly in April, we realized that we would need to find a "local" RV park to call home until we were ready to hit the road. Doug assured me that "living in a van down by the river" while he and I earned a little diesel money this summer would not be as negative as Chris Farley proposed in his hilarious SNL skit.

Hidden Meadows RV Park became our "home" for the last five months and has been a good "stepping stone" as we transition from a "Stick and Brick" home to a mobile lifestyle.  (Yes, Doug groans, it takes me way too long to adjust to change). Located in rural Pine Island, Minnesota, its lush meadows, gentle river, quiet walking paths and full hook up sites provided an easy start to RVentures. It has been nice to iron out the kinks of living in a RV before we start traveling. It proved a beautiful haven in which we could enjoy a Minnesota summer with Minnesota friends!

Hidden Meadows, located about 10 miles north of Rochester has lived up to its name by providing us a lush green spread of hidden beauty. From the first burst of bluebells in May to the summer daisies to the first hint of fall color, our backyard paradise reassured us that even after selling our house, we did not lose a yard, but gained acres of ever-changing beauty.

Hidden Meadows is the vacation spot for many people who keep their RVs here year round. Many, like our neighbors, Dale and Linda, enjoy spending their weekends beautifying their "little piece of paradise" and socializing with friends who return summer after summer. Dale works in the trucking industry and was very gracious in sharing his knowledge of "all things diesel" with Doug. Their adorable pets, Millie and Tillie, were always close by for treats.

Hidden Meadows owners, Jeff and Kris, can be found on their riding lawnmowers during the week, greeting campers on Friday night, and joining their friends for a motorcycle ride on Sunday afternoon. Their signs ensure the safety of our "home"... although trying to keep a bicycle at 5 MPH can be difficult at times!

The quiet beauty attracts many weekend campers who want to escape the city without venturing out too far. A warm July weekend provided the perfect opportunity for my cousins to come out and camp. The Zumbro River cooled us off and kept the kids entertained.

We enjoyed nightly walks along the quiet country roads lined with colorful wild flowers. A late night walk in June provided magnificent viewing of northern lights.

Our wide-tired folding bikes worked well on the gravel roads that connected us to the Douglas Trail for bike rides with friends. A stop at the Better Brew in Pine Island for coffee and homemade pie was the FUN place for refueling and lively conversation.

Well, the leaves are starting to turn...time to put our plan into full gear. Our work in Rochester will soon be over, and RVentures will begin as we head south towards Florida. As Doug knows too well, I deal best with "baby steps", so we are now camped at Oxbow County Park in Byron until Doug's last day of work on October 2. Then we really start to head south with our first stop being Cresco, Iowa. 

While we won't miss the Minnesota cold, we will miss our Rochester area friends. Good-byes this week are going to be tough. We hope that you will continue to follow us, and that we can keep in touch from long distance or when our travels bring us back together again!

Until next time...Enjoy the daily adventures in your lives!