Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Savoring the Beauty of our "Lake Home" at Baker Park

At one point during our retirement planning/dreaming stage, I thought that it would be nice to live on a lake.

Imagine being able enjoy the magnificent colors of a sunset over the water every evening.

Imagine relaxing on the shore as you listen for the call of the loon,

... or watch a fisherman bring in his catch.

Well, for the second year in a row, my dream has come true ... as camp hosts at Baker Park Campground in Maple Plain, Minnesota. Our "lake home" for the month of June was located on the shores of Lake Independence. 

In exchange for a full hookup site, we were the "go-to" people for fellow campers on Sunday through Thursday evenings from 7 to 10pm when the regular staff was gone. During that time Doug and the Wildebeest greeted visitors and fielded questions while I took a nightly walk or golf cart ride around the campground.

Occasionally I had to be the rule enforcer ... and let a camper know that even though some fireworks are legal in Minnesota, he still could not let them off in the park.

But mainly I had the joy of getting to chat with fellow campers as they sat around their campfires. Occasionally these campfires were as spectacular as the firecrackers!

Baker Park Campground is a gem in the Three Rivers Park District due to the conscientious efforts of our manager, Bri and her park district staff. Bike paths and hiking trails lead to the lake as well as around a peaceful nature preserve.  

Biking through the woods or around the pond provided many opportunities for "natural" surprises,

... such as the time I came upon a turtle laying her eggs,

... or found this cute little guy trying to cross a busy path,

... or watched an eagle search for his breakfast.

 Would I want to trade RVentures for a home on the lake?

Thankfully, because of the opportunity to "hang out" as camp hosts for a month on the shores of Lake Independence, I don't have to answer that question. We continue to savor the beauty wherever our travels take us.

Until next time ... Savor the beauty of your summer ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!