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  1. Doug & Chris. Thanks for the entertaining visit, it was very nice to meet you and see your new home. Have great adventures and grill lots of shrimp when you can. Best wishes, Steve & Margaret

    1. It was great meeting you and Margaret - we had a lot of fun. Have fun with Tim and Liz this summer in Iceland! Until next time...

  2. Hi Doug,
    I'm with the Wild Ocean Whale Society here in British Columbia, Canada, where we publish the Whales and Dolphins of BC Sightings Update.
    I'm doing volunteer IT with the society automating our Cetacean Sightings reports collection and publication process using Google Apps for Work and Blogger. I'm currently in the process of integrating your PhotoSizer appScript code into our Media Editor toolset. I wanted to thank you for the nicely structured code and great documentation on your blog. It is most appreciated.
    Hope you get to see some whales and dolphins in your area this Winter. If not, be sure to visit our site at http://whalesanddolphinsofbc.blogspot.ca/
    Eric Schwartz
    Wild Ocean Whale Society

    1. Thanks for the kind words Eric. It's nice to know that my efforts may have helped some other people out. We just saw some Dolphins yesterday, and it was very exciting.

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  4. Hello Doug & Chris! It was really nice to know you lastnight! Heard your experiences and the dreams of your beautiful heart... Hope to see you again! I learn from your culture. You're amazing! Y su español está realmente bien! :) fue muy enriquecedor conocerlos.

    1. Estoy feliz que te he conocido. Yo aprendo mucho cuando hablo con una maestra paciente como tú. Espero que podemos visitar otro vez!

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