Monday, October 19, 2015

Mellowing Out But Not Leveling Out...

Driving south through the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas gave Doug and me our first experience of testing the diesel power of the Wildebeest up and down hills and around narrow curves. Doug and the Wildebeest did well...I need to "toughen up" a bit as I am sure that there will be many more hills in RVentures!

Wanting a little time to recover from the ride, I was very happy when we pulled into the peaceful Lead Hill campground located on Bull Shoals Lake in north central Arkansas. Lead Hill one of the many US Army Corps of Engineers  (USACE) campgrounds in the area. We had heard and agree that the USACE campgrounds are some of the secret jewels in our country!

After arriving, I soon learned that this stop would not be as relaxing for Doug as he had hoped. He found that the leveling jacks weren't working when we got settled in. Thankfully, our site was fairly flat. Doug has always embraced the "I can fix it" attitude, and I found Doug in an electrical engineer's heaven...completely surrounded by wires, tools and multi-meters.

After downloading the manual, running numerous tests and getting yet another light colored shirt greasy and dirty, it was time to admit temporary defeat and explore the area.

Walking around the small town of Diamond Hill, we got our first indication that we were in the South!

We were told that the area was just recovering from the third 100-year flood in the last ten years. Homeowners are wising up and building the new houses on stilts. 

The walk out to Devil's Backbone Point had some beautiful rock formations and vistas. 

We enjoyed seeing new and different wild flowers, trees and vegetation...anyone know what the round yellow round thingy on the tree is?

Woo Hoo, our "southern" friend, Carol came through with the answer and increased knowledge for us! It is the Osage Orange!

Back at the RV, more testing, but also plenty of relaxing as we enjoyed beautiful sunsets from the front window of our RV. 

Three days in the back country of Arkansas was beautiful, but we are looking forward to more big city activities...including breweries for my hard working repairman as we head to Little Rock, Arkansas.

Until next time, enjoy the adventures in your daily life!

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