Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Colorado Rocky Mountain Hiking and Biking

When we planned to be in the Colorado mountains during the last two weeks of October, we did not know what to expect in terms of weather. Spending time in mountains between 6500 and 8500 feet in elevation could mean sun, rain, sleet, or snow ... and sometimes all four in one day!

Well, we must have followed the right roads, as we enjoyed two weeks filled with fantastic mountain sunshine and warm temps ... perfect conditions for our first Rocky Mountain RVenture!

While staying in Manitou Springs, we were able to spend time with one of Chris' dear "old" friends. Diane shared some "local secrets" and lead us on a fantastic hike ...

to The Garden of Eden ... a serene mountaintop meadow.

Another day we went out her back door and hiked through the Pike National Forest to find a spectacular view of Pikes Peak.

We were also able to bike from our campground to the Red Rock Canyon Open Space for our first true "mountain" biking experience. The trails were quiet, except for the trot of an occasional horse,

... the views were spectacular,

... and the gravel trails were fairly easy,

... except for a few times when I decided to just walk the bike and enjoy the views!

We were also able to bike from our campground to Cerberus Brewing Company to meet up with another friend for great beer and burgers. Fun to "catch up" on a perfect patio day!

Also within easy biking distance was the Garden of the Gods.

We loved the rock formations, but we found that biking on the road alongside the cars of the other tourists not as much to our liking. 

It did, however, get us "trained up" for some urban biking. An hour to our north was Denver, and since we had never been there, we decided to load up our bikes and do a "Discover Denver Day". We started on the bike path located in the suburb of Englewood,

... and followed the South Platte River past Mile High Stadium,

... and arrived in downtown Denver,

... and sampled a few of Denver's many fine breweries,

Denver Beer Co
Banded Oak Brewing Co
Platt Park Brewing Co

... and discovered another "capitol" photo op,

... and traveled back again through some quiet neighborhoods full of autumn color!

Yes, we are glad that the Wildebeest "followed the signs" to ...

great hiking,

great biking,

and great fun and furry friends!

We are also glad that, at least for now, the snow skis are more useful as wine racks!

Until next time ... hike or bike with a friend ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!

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  1. How does Doug capture the photos of you riding ahead of him without experiencing an unfortunate incident? Crazy! We're always interested in the biking trails you discover. So glad you survived your Garden of the Gods episode! Stay safe!

  2. The great biking pictures are a result of the fact that I bike oh-so-slow! I was glad that the bike trails at Red Rock Canyon had many easy sections! I wasn't anticipating that I would find such out West. Everyday brings a beautiful new experience ... Enjoy yours!