Sunday, May 3, 2015

No lawn to mow...

....so let's enjoy a beautiful day on the bike paths of Rochester!

Starting at the park by the Douglas Trail and 55th Street, we enjoyed a 30 mile loop on the bike paths through Rochester. The crab apple trees lined the pathways with their spectacular burst of color!

Families of geese and humans were out enjoying the first 80+ degree spring day in Minnesota.

Rochester's skyline with the Mayo Clinic that welcome thousands of visitors each year.

Oh, happy day...the Farmer's Market is open for the season, but only until noon...need to start out a bit earlier next week!

We will have to settle for some not as healthy vegetation...beer hops at Brother's Bar and Grill. Their Buffalo Chicken Wrap fueled the rest of our ride.

Mission accomplished...the sea of bluebells are in full bloom along the Mayowood trail!

The Mayowood bridge over the dam recently reopened providing a shady and peaceful rest stop.

Resting by the river or mowing the lawn...we know what Doug would choose. We hope you too can take time to enjoy all the beauty around you! 

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