Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fast Tracks Through "Beary" Nice Mississippi

Three days ago we were discussing our proposed route north. While I was thinking that exploring Natchez, Mississippi's Civil War history and architecture would be neat, Doug seemed to have other plans as he intently studied the weather forecasts. Apparently, Wildebeests and their captains do not like driving in rain. With the forecast for strong storms, we decided to leave Fort Pickens a day early and get past the rain. Call us the "anti-storm chasers".

So no tours of Natchez antebellum mansions for me. As storms moved toward the Gulf coast, we headed to central Mississippi and found the "beary" nice Paul B Johnson State Park just south of Hattiesburg. The "bear" theme started as we entered the large campground. I noticed beautifully carved bears at various locations around the park.

After parking the Wildebeest at the lake's edge, I took a walk around the park and found all sorts of friendly bears as well as other friendly folks. 

It looked like a nice place to hang out for a few days, but the weather forecast, and Captain Doug said otherwise.

The next morning we left between rain storms and headed north to a familiar spot on the banks of the Mississippi. We found Warfield Point County Park last November, and once again, we were thrilled with the fact that we had this beautiful park almost all to ourselves. The chirping of birds greeted us, and the hum of river barges lulled us to sleep.

After spending the last few months in the "perpetual" summer of Florida, it was nice to see trees budding, wildflowers blooming and the grass greening up! To all our northern friends ... we are confident that Spring is on its way!

Well, Doug the weatherman determined that we should continue our way north. So, we did something not yet RVentured ... we traveled three days in a row! While I was unsure about this plan at first, it all turned for the best in that:

  • The Wildebeest seems to behave better when taken out on a run every day. She achieved a personal best of 7.2 MPG when we filled her up today.
  • Captain Doug is gaining more confidence and perfecting his RV driving skills ... but still needs to watch for those light posts that sometimes pop out of nowhere.
  • Co-pilot Chris' directions got us where we need to go ... and her prayers helped hold off the heavy rain until we got to our home for the next few days.

Until next time ... have a "Beary" enjoyable Spring weekend ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!
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