Monday, May 9, 2016

Celebrating "6744"

We are very fortunate to find ourselves residing close to Chris' childhood home this month. Beautifully renovated by her siblings, the house recently sold and is ready to welcome a new family.

We gathered last weekend for one final time to celebrate family memories at "6744".

Through the years, family celebrations included a wonderful spread of food including delicious sandwiches made with the Polish cold cut known as Krakowska. Available at Kramarczuk's in north Minneapolis, its wonderful garlic aroma draws fans from near and far! 

I appreciated the chance to tour my childhood home one last time and take pictures of all the "memories". Although empty, repainted and ready for new owners, each room still resonated with wonderful memories of celebrations past.

The living room is ready for new family gatherings ...

And the dining room awaits many more birthday celebrations ...

And the "rec room" welcomes more New Year's Eve parties ...

The new owners may wonder about a few things ... like the six names, dates and lines in the "toy closet". Our parents recorded the height each of us when we moved into the house in 1969.

And there is the dent in a door ... a remnant of some innocent "rough-housing" through the years.

While it is always bittersweet to say "goodbye", we embraced our real reason for gathering ... celebrating family, friends and wonderful memories through the years!

Like all the fun times spent in the "playhouse" that our dad built many years ago ... 

and looking forward to new generations to enjoy their own fun space!

Celebrating thoughtful neighbors who delivered scrumptious pies as well as friendship to our family through the years.

And, most importantly, sharing family memories and celebrating the new generation ... how do these kids grow up so fast?

So as we say our goodbyes to "6744", we celebrate the gifts that make up home ...

Love, Memories, Family, Friends, and Laughter!

Until next time ... celebrate the gift of "home" ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!

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