Monday, November 14, 2016

The "Truth or Consequences" of New Mexico

We had three "free" days between Santa Fe and our current Habitat for Humanity build location of Las Cruces. The midpoint of our route was the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Just the name intrigued me. It turns out that this town was originally named Hot Springs due to the many mineral springs in the area. But, in 1950, the townspeople voted to change their name to Truth or Consequences so that the then popular program would broadcast a show from their town. For those of you too young to remember the show, here is a clip ... cigarette advertising and all! 

After watching just a few minutes of it, I was even more amazed that a town would change its name to be a part of this show! But, nonetheless, I started researching where to stay using my favorite campground search apps ... RVParkReviews.com. This app lists all the campgrounds in or near a particular town along with honest reviews from the people who have stayed there. I have found the site reviews to be fairly spot-on.

At $14/day, all New Mexico State Park campgrounds are a great bargain, so I happy that Elephant Butte Lake State Park got high marks from past RV travelers. It is the largest state park in New Mexico stretching more than 10 miles from the north to south end. It has a few different campground areas spread throughout the park. South Monticello Campground with its spacious sites and remote desert setting along the Rio Grande River and Fra Cristobal Mountains seemed the favorite among past visitors. 

I told Doug about my choice the next day, and that is where we had our own "Truth or Consequence" experience. I guess that I (the co-pilot) neglected to tell Doug (the pilot) the exact "truth" ... that the campground I was leading him to, while very nice, was more remote than the ones he had in mind by the main visitor center of the park. 

Following my directions and maneuvering the Wildebeest up and down some challenging roads, we came to South Monticello campground. And then the truth came out ... No, I had not led him to the main campground area ... No, there is not much around for many miles ... Yes, we are going to have to just enjoy this beautiful remote desert for the next three days ... No, there is not a store nearby ... 

And the most important realization ... No, I did not take into consideration that there was only one beer left in the frig!

After we settled in our large, level and quiet site, we took a walk along the trail to explore our new "home".

We both decided that the consequences were going to be happy ones. We enjoyed ....

spying road runner wanna-bees,

staying clear of "Pillsbury doughboy" cacti,

examining holes that housed elusive creatures,

studying the habits of big bugs ... but thankfully, no tarantulas,

enjoying amazing sunrises,

and equally beautiful sunsets,

along with the appearance of the (nearly) Supermoon.

Yes, my pilot had to admit that I did not lead him astray. We both enjoyed our few days in the desert of New Mexico.

We did end up venturing into Truth or Consequences ... had to check out a city named after a game show. The Walmart not only had a neat setup for solar panels in their parking lot,

But they also carried a local beer that was very appropriate for the situation!

Doug is one Happy Camper!

Until next time ... may all your consequences be happy ones ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!
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  1. Your pilot to co-pilot interactions and the horror of your empty refrigerator were so funny--and that's the truth!

    1. As you well know, we have to keep the humor going sometimes in order not to wring each others neck :-) Always HAPPY travels!!

  2. Chris and Doug
    We were in Las Cruces at the beginning of their building season.
    Checked out some of the area that you saw.
    Hope you met Homer and Marylou Brown, good people.
    I've worked with Tony Campbell before, in Ohio.
    Glad you guys are living the dream.
    Our best to you for a great holiday season.
    Joe and Cherilyn Wiatr

    1. Haven't met Homer and Marylou, but have enjoyed visiting with Tony and Mary ... and many other wonderful new Habitat friends! We just signed up for Baraboo this summer ... and the rumor is that you are team leaders! Yeah! Hope that it works for us to build with you again! Happy Travels