Thursday, February 9, 2017

San Diego's Simple Pleasures

When we arrive in a new location, I am tempted to "see and do it all" ... usually in the first few days that we are there. But as Doug pointed out while following blogs of other full time RVers, "seeing and doing it all" can quickly tire you out. Most have found greater enjoyment in their travels when they slow down and integrate some "mellow-out" days in with the "sight-seeing" days. Since that philosophy fits in perfectly with Doug's relaxed personality, we have adopted it over the last few weeks and found joy in ...

San Diego's Simple Pleasures!

Simple Pleasures of ...

 ... urban artwork and fragrant flowers that line the boulevards in nearby neighborhoods.

Simple Pleasures of ...

 ... meeting up with Habitat friends and enjoying the "fruits" of our friendship with some delicious oranges and limes from their yard.

Simple Pleasures of ...

... reconnecting with California family while sharing a wonderful meal, family stories, and laughter!

Simple Pleasures of ...

... visits with Iowa friends who just happen to be in the neighborhood!

 Simple Pleasures of ...

... having that skilled repairman who can fix the "chips" in the Wildebeest's windshield while I relax with a good book in the sunshine! Yes, I am just completing David McCullough's Pulitzer Prize winning biography, John Adams. Interesting, especially in the context of the current political environment.

Simple Pleasures of ...

... walks on lakeside park paths or bike rides on urban streets.

Simple Pleasures of ...

... having these walks and bikes rides lead us to a new favorite hangout!

Doug's review for Iron Fist Brewing. The Snapper Wontons from
Mishmash next door were delectable!

Doug's review for Novo Brazil Brewing Co

Simple Pleasures of ...

... savoring another magnificent ending of RVenturous day from the Wildebeest's now "chip free" window to the world!

Until next time ... delight in Simple Pleasures ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!

Doug better get in his share of "resting up" in before his friend, Dave, arrives in a few weeks, and the "wild touring frenzy" begins!
WooHoo! I can hardly wait!

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  1. We've found this true, too. Go, going, gone without any down time isn't beneficial to any adventure. So glad you found time to enjoy the simple pleasures!

    1. Yes, us "old folks" need to rest up ;-) Hope you can treat yourself to some much deserved R&R after your Habitat build! You deserve it!