Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Wildflower Tribute From Desert Hot Springs

"May your life be like a Wildflower,
Growing freely in the
Beauty and Joy
of each day."

Native American Proverb

Around our current "home" in Desert Hot Springs, we can feel the excitement growing. The desert of southern California has received an abundant amount of rain in the last few months. Plants that have laid dormant for a number of drought-filled years are sprouting forth leaves and preparing for the grand appearance of their unique, delicate, and colorful wildflower blossoms. Bees, as well as people, are doing a "happy dance".

Beautiful colors lined our paths as we hiked through Santa Rosa and San Jacinto National Monument and Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve this past week. 

The wildflowers, as well as the cool oasis in the desert, fill us with a sense of joy as we are reminded of all the beauty that God provides ... both the beauty of nature and the beauty of people.

While walking amidst the wildflowers, I was thinking about two beautiful friends who had recently died, and how much I learned from them as I followed their brave cancer journey. I am so grateful to be able to call Colette and Betsy my "Wildflowers" for they found and shared the beauty and joy in each day. To them I humbly offer this "Wildflower Tribute".

My Friend, you are a Wildflower ...

Your spirit remained vibrant in the midst of a difficult cancer diagnosis and treatment.

While on a rocky path, you stayed strong and rooted in your faith.

Even during the tough times, you kept your focus on God.

You saw on the beauty in every situation,

And encouraged us to do the same.

Your smile brightened our world,

as you saw beauty even among the hardships.

You encouraged us to blossom,

and to also be God's beautiful and unique gift to the world!

Thank you, Betsy and Colette, for being
our Wildflowers;
for growing freely in the
Beauty and Joy
of each day.

Until next time ... be the Beauty and Joy in your day ...
and enjoy the adventures in your life!

A sighting of the unique wildflower
"RVenturous Fun-osa"

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