Thursday, November 23, 2017

Giving Thanks for Picture-Perfect Friends

Two years ago, after we first started our travels, I realized that something was missing from our new RVenturous lifestyle. While Doug and I were having the time of our life, I missed those long conversations with my girlfriends ... never solving a problem, but just listening.

Try as he might, Doug couldn't figure this "girlfriend" stuff ... 

Talking just for the sake of talking??? Wow, he hadn't anticipated that!!!

But, being the smart guy that he is, he figured out that taking me on walks and just let me talk was the best way he knew to fill this void. And he was RIGHT! Because it was on one of these walks in Florida two years ago, that we first met Joanne and Gary.

In the conversation that followed, Joanne and I realized how much we have in common. We are two Minnesotans ... married to engineers and raising sons ... who enjoy filling each day with walking and TALKING!

Our travel paths crossed again at Fort Pickens where 10,000 steps a day also produced hours of therapeutic conversation.

Meeting up in Tucson last January gave us the chance to learn the sport of Pickleball and share more good times.

We enjoyed biking to see "hometown" legends when our travels brought us back to Minnesota during the summer.

And we are hoping that we have hooked them on the fun of Habitat Care-a-Vanner builds!

We have been very grateful to once again coordinate our travel plans and spend this past month at Gulf State Park with our good friends Joanne and Gary. Our days have been filled with all sorts of fun activities.

We practiced our RV-backing-up hand signals
... similar to landing large aircraft, right??

We taught the amateurs how to find
the best sea shells.

We praised the sun gods who lead us to this pub on the beach.

We convinced the guys that we really do
NEED occasional retail therapy.

We kept everyone active ... and the guys exhausted ...
with volleyball, pickleball, and bike rides.

And most importantly, we talked about everything and nothing
as we walked along the beach to enjoy another sunset.

This Thanksgiving we will not be with family, but we are grateful that we can be with some of the precious friends that God has blessed us with!

Until next time ... Be thankful for your precious friends ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!

Even Doug needs a beach-walking buddy
to discuss important topics like ...
when will these women get tired out and turn around??!!

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