Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Colorful Colombia

We are thinking today about our friends in the "great white north" who are dealing with even more of that "great white snow". 

Hang in there. Stay safe. Get ready for skiing, sledding and walking the dog ... as soon as you can get out of your driveway!

We are currently at Lake Louisa State Park about 20 miles west of Orlando. And although it isn't white that we see, the drought conditions and just being "winter in Florida" has definitely decreased the colors around us.

We all need some color in our lives.

So until your daisies start blooming again, we would like to share some of the colors of Colombia's "eternal spring" that we experienced during our recent visit there.

Colors of wild orchids

Colors of the fresh fruit in the 
village "supermercado"

Colors of roadside art

Colors of the other type of "snowbird"

Colors of
hand-painted ceramics

Colors of clay houses and the
beautiful gardens that surround them

Colors of minas de sal tunnels
leading to the ...

... Colors of the magnificent underground
Catedral de Sal de Zipaquira

Colors of "Pozos Azules",
the blue wells near Villa de Leyva

Colors of the succulents that adorn
Piedad and Luis' garden patio

Colors of the greenery
that surrounds a country cottage

Colors of orchids
cascading along a garden path

Colors of an open air church
welcoming all ... even a stray dog

who appears "dog-tired"

Colors of a Colombian

cafe and mangostino fruit

Colors of flowers
framing the mountain lake

Colors of ...
oh, I wish I could remember
the name of this flower

Colors of a huge apple-shaped
shrub that blooms year round

Colors of a friendly critter who
greets us as we get off the elevator 

Colors of beautiful but invasive weeds
that overtake the roadside fields

Colors of "oh so many
wonderful crafts to buy"

Colors of "tomate de arbol" that is,
tree tomatoes growing right out the door

in the ... 

... Colors of a well-loved garden


everywhere you look ...

reaching to the skies ...

and bringing the promise of another day!

Until next time ... savor the colors around you ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!

One more "Christmas" picture to
fit in with the snow!

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