Sunday, March 25, 2018

Springtime Reflections

The calendar says it should be Spring ...

Children are celebrating the arrival of Spring vacations ...

Yet, from some of the pictures that we have seen from our northern friends and family, winter is still trying to hang on ...

During the last three months, we have had the chance to see so many signs of Spring in Colombia and Florida. For those still waiting for Old Man Winter to kick the bucket, we would like to share with you some of our favorite ...

Springtime Reflections

... of wild orchids bursting into color,

... and spring-fed pools reflecting the sky so blue,

... and fields waiting to be planted,

... and butterflies preparing to take flight,

... and kayaks hoping to hit the waterways,

... and wildflowers decorating the hillsides,

... and beaches waiting to be explored,

... and irises preparing to brighten your day,

... and baby fawns starting to explore their new world,

... and baby red-crowned cranes awaiting their next meal,

... and trails beckoning to be explored,

... and bike paths inviting you to pedal on,

... and birds preparing to wake you with their song.

For as God has promised ...

... the cross and the tomb are empty,

... As the earth gladly receives the embraces of the Son!

Until next time ... Enjoy all the Springtime reflections around you ... and have a blessed Easter!

More scenes like this are in store for us as RVentures takes us on a  sailing trip next week in the British Virgin Islands. Our friends, Dan and Barb are putting away their snow skies, donning their Captain's hats, and teaching these novice seafarers the art of maneuvering a 47 foot vessel around the beautiful Caribbean ... hopefully it is easier than a 40 foot Wildebeest!  Fun Times!

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