Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Finally Florida! Rocky Bayou State Park

We officially crossed over with the Wildebeest into Florida. Our stay this past week at Rocky Bayou State Park is our first experience of the "Real Florida". Located in Niceville, Florida on the shore of Rocky Bayou, there is plenty of nature and wildlife to enjoy. I love how the Saw Palmetto palms blend in with the long leaf pine trees along the shoreline.

I am learning to take my binoculars and camera when we take walks along the many trails in the park. A group of about four dolphins greeted us during our first walk along the bayou shore. Despite us scurrying back to grab the binoculars and long lens camera, they were gone when we returned.

Our first order of business was to complete the Florida residency requirements. We found the DMV in Niceville to get our driver's license and license the vehicles. Doug was very happy to find out that he did not have to physically drive the Wildebeest to the DMV in order register her.

Official "Floridian"

Official business done ... time for walks in the woods which revealed all sorts of new vegetation and a reminder that we need to continue to work to protect this beauty. Doug is calling me the "bag lady" when we go on our walks, as I have started taking a plastic bag with me so that I can pick up any "unnatural" trash along the trails or beach fronts. I just hate to have anything wreck the amazing beauty that surrounds us!

One afternoon we rented a canoe to explore the bayou up close. We hoped to have the dolphins greet us, but settled for fun in the sun with the loons and pelicans.

I accepted yet another "how to steer a canoe" lesson from Doug. He has decided that my "pet the kitty" stroke is beyond help...

Since Rocky Bayou is not directly on the Gulf, we drove 10 miles to Henderson Beach State Park which has a couple of miles of sandy white beaches. Fun sightings included more pelicans, surf boarders, and dolphins (YEAH!) ...

... as well as a chapel set up for a wedding!

Humm, an "orange" wedding...who does this remind me of??

During our stay, we heard that our friends up north were getting their first snow of the season. Thought I would share this photo of the "Reindeer Moss" that covers the forest floor (it kinda looks like snow) ... and let you know that we are thinking of you!

Until next time ... whatever the weather ... enjoy the adventures in your life!

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