Sunday, November 1, 2015

Greenville,Mississippi: We Can "Pecan"

Hello from America's delta! We crossed the Mississippi River and found our Halloween weekend home at Warfield Point County Park. After an extended stay in the big city of Little Rock, it was a nice change of pace to be nestled in the trees on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Doug is doing a great job of finding our ever changing home sites by using the "All-Stays" application. This quiet park offers full hook ups, lots of trees, and breath-taking views of the Mississippi River for only $15 a night.

View out our RV window

The park has some nice paths, a boardwalk along the river and a three story observation deck. It was fun to climb up there during the day and after dark to observe the wild life and river's barge traffic.

White cranes, skunks, armadillos, deer, and many birds new to us call this place home.

With the full moon shining over the river, I really think that the Doobie Brothers captured the essence of this area with their song Black Water.

One of the best part of RVentures is the people we meet and new things they teach us along the way. A chance meeting with Clayton and his act of kindness introduced us to pecans...before they appear in the grocery store. As we were leaving Little Rock, I saw a man digging through the garbage for pop cans. I handed him our bag of cans as he said that he recycles them for cash. In gratitude for my five cans, he gave me a bag of pecans that he had collected as he was looking for cans. 

Researching online, and seeing the "obvious" signs, we found our own pecans around the park. As it turned out, we are parked under a pecan tree and get awakened during the night with the "klunk" of the pecans hitting our roof.

Although the pecans found here are not nearly as big as the ones Clayton had given me, many people and squirrels still collect them.

Using some of Doug's tools, I realized that with patience, I will have the delicious ingredients for GG's Pecan Pie this Thanksgiving!

One afternoon we decided to check out the city of Greenville, which is about 7 miles down the road. The town was burned by Union soldiers during the Civil War, and also inundated with floods through the years, so there is not as much of a historical charm that characterized the past cities. Nonetheless, the route that Doug mapped out on his GPS took us past some beautiful homes and along some quiet streets. A good sign that we were out of the "snow zone" was the fact that most houses just have car ports and not enclosed garages.

Unfortunately, we also peddled past some very poor sections of town, reminding me to thank God for all my blessings and continue to pray for and help those less fortunate. 

On the way back, Doug's beautiful route turned into a gravel road, and then it got interesting. According to the GPS, this road is supposed to go through...

And this road was not supposed to be controlled by cows ... and a mean-looking bull.

After walking through a nest of stinging ants, getting caught up on the "cattle guard", and being chased by a dog or two, I had enough and was thankful that Doug could find an alternate way back.

Doug took advantage of the sunshine to do some RV repairs. So happy that he was able to get our leveling jacks back working!

More rain on the weekend (probably because I finally treated the RV window with RainX) means time to do grocery shopping, plan our next moves, and enjoy all the cute little "trick and treaters" photos posted on Facebook as there were no knocks on our RV. 

Also, time for cooking another RV-friendly meal:

Loaded Baked Potato Slices

Cut potatoes in 1/4 inch slices; brush with melted butter and place on stone baking dish. Bake at 400 for 30 to 40 minutes; turning potato slices midway. Top with onion and crumbled bacon; top with cheddar cheese; pop in oven for a few minutes to melt cheese. Enjoy!

Evening walks along the Mississippi River delta brought out another unique sunset ... just as each day brings another unique RVenture.

Our next stop is Vicksburg. Your assignment: think back to your American History class in high school ... and share one "fact" that you remember about Vicksburg in the comments. I will hopefully refresh your memory of Vicksburg history next time.

Until then, enjoy the daily adventures in your life!

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