Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Cleaning At Wekiwa Springs

We arrived at Wekiwa Springs State Park this week. Wekiwa, the Creek Indian word for "flowing water" has a large spring that forms the river that flows throughout the park. This provides beautiful natural habitat as well as enjoyable swimming, canoeing and hiking areas ... a perfect place to enjoy the activity and relaxation that we both love and need.

Many years ago, Doug declared me to be the "hamster", due to my joy of always being on the move. Through the years, he has learned that hiking, biking and canoeing are all good ways for the hamster to "run her wheel" and keep both of us happy.

Of course, our busy fun-filled days at the beaches this past week was totally wonderful for a hamster on the move like me. But by the end of the week, Doug needed some serious rest. He needed a plan to tire the hamster out ... and his plan was BRILLIANT!

While on a hike through the woods, we noticed many tiny yellow and white wildflowers starting to bloom. Even though we are in "perpetual summer" here in Florida, it reminded us of the early signs of spring that our northern friends are just starting to see as the snow finally melts. The discussion flowed from spring flowers to that other favorite spring activity ... spring cleaning!

And there he devised the plan ... he could tackle a big cleaning project AND keep the hamster busy by ...

Washing and waxing the Wildebeest!!!

Soon after we got back from our six mile hike, Doug got out the power washer. Time was of the essence ... he had to put this hamster to work and tire her out so much that she would be begging him to relax and take a nap!

And so the three day task began ...

Wax on ...

Wax off ...

And by the end we both enjoying the glow of our time together and the "ultimate freedom" of a beautiful spring day!

And this skeemer will get his wish ... relaxing and reading a good book is sounding very appealing this weekend!

Until next time ... take time to relax with the ones you love ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!

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  1. Doug calls you a hamster instead of darling or sweetheart or babe? Very funny analogy! And the Wildebeest looks terrific!

  2. For many, many years! And the battery-operated hamster and wheel was his "special" gift to me ... he saw it at a Cracker Barrel on our way to Colorado knew that I "needed" it. The hamster must be special because she survived the "purge" last year! Wish you happy hammering moments at the HFH build in Fort Myers next week!