Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Springing Ahead: Biking on the West Orange Trail

Turning the clocks ahead this weekend is like the bad news/good news scenario ...

Bad news: it takes at least a week for the body to adjust ... 

Good news:  there is more daylight in the evening for biking, hiking, and other fun "hamster" activities!

And the REALLY GOOD NEWS ... Doug found a paved bike trail very close to our current home at Wekiwa Springs State Park. We took advantage of the extra hour of daylight to explore it on Monday.

The West Orange Trail is a 20 mile trail that winds through beautiful sections of both urban and rural Florida. We started in Apopka and found that the first five miles were slow as the path crossed many city streets. But the ever-changing urban scenery kept our interest as we peddled. Great excitement on my part when we saw a sign advertising a winery just off the trail! Alas, it is closed on Mondays ... we will have to save it for another RVenturous day.

When we approached the Apopka/Vineland trailhead, the route veered away from the busy roads, through wooded areas, and past new housing developments, golf course and even a Buddhist Temple! 

As we approached Winter Garden, we could tell that this city is appropriately named. The spectacular bursts of color were everywhere!

And then came the REAL reason that Doug suggested we try out this trail ...

At the end of every great bike trail is a cool drink ... and the Crooked Can Brewing Company did not disappoint!

Since it was "Rounded Pi Day" (3.14.16), my math geek and I shared a round pizza pie with an imperial IPA and blueberry wheat. Michaels Ali Coal Fired Pizza was in the same building, and we enjoyed a scrumptious prosciutto, artichoke and gorgonzola pizza. Sadly, I have no picture as it was devoured too quickly.

After exploring historical downtown Winter Garden, we turned around and made our way back. It's sad to admit, but after biking 34 miles, I used the extra hour of daylight to just relax.

But not Doug ... he came home to find another "fix it" project. The squirrels running around the park must have also been thirsty on this warm day, as he found that they had chewed a couple of holes in our water hose. Everyone is looking for a cool drink on hot days like this!
Until next time ... savor that extra hour of sun ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!

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