Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Habitat for Humanity Build #2: Baraboo, Wisconsin

We completed our second Habitat for Humanity build in mid August. Located up north in Baraboo, Wisconsin, one would think that we could escape the heat and humidity that is common place down south this time of year ... Wrong! But despite the tropical temps, we had a great build! We discovered that it is the people we work with that make the Care-a-vanners program a "Top 10" experience.

So without further ado ... here are the "Top 10 Reasons" you should do a Habitat for Humanity build!

See the world from new heights!

Not sure if Doug and Joe were taking time to admire the beautiful sunny day as they prepared for rain by hanging gutters!

Sarah enjoyed soaring to new heights as she helped prepare the roof for shingles. She will be soaring in other great ways in a few months when she starts her career as an Air Force officer. 

# 9
Work with famous movie stars!

We thought that Joe, our site supervisor extraordinaire, had a canny resemblance with another famous character ... 

We started fondly calling him "Lieutenant Dan" ... of Forest Gump fame, both for his looks and his patience and kindness to all of us "builder-wannabes".

Play "fetch" with famous Green Bay Packer namesakes!

Jordy ... named after the Green Bay Packer receiver Jordy Nelson ... won all our hearts with his good nature and constant pleading for us to "throw one to him".

Many opportunities for male bonding!

I caught the men on our work crew discussing the construction of the "man cave" with the future homeowner's 13 year old son. I'm thinking that he likes their idea of transforming the basement into a "Packer Den" complete with large screen TV and surround sound.

Deep conversations using mathematical equations!

There were many intense conversations centering on the Pythagorean theorem ...

... or are they just staring at that board for hours hoping that Joe won't give them another job??!!

Work with women of super strength who are not afraid to get a little dirty!

We don't sweat, we GLOW!

Who's afraid of a little tar?

Building walls with the best of them!

Great artistic creations are possible when you get to paint on cement canvas with tar ... yes, black, "it's not going to come off your clothes" TAR!

Know that everyone's unique "skills" contribute toward the ultimate goal ... quality and affordable housing for all!

Doug is now a certified window-installer ...

... I am allowed to handle power screw-drivers with minimal supervision

... I usually hit the nail on the head once every 3 or 4 strikes.

... And I now know the difference between soffit and fascia.

Solve the world's problems .. or at least your RV's problems during happy hour and dinner discussions!

We got to know a fun and talented group of friends during the daily debriefings ie: Happy Hour.

Pete shared a treasure trove of Winnebago repair knowledge with Doug over a beer at Port Huron Brewing Company.

Two for One Margaritas and laughs with our new friends quickly help us forget the hot and humid workday!

And the #1 reason to build with Habitat for Humanity ... 

Build with the BEST!

There is no "good enough" about it. Each team member used their unique skills to accomplish great feats! It is satisfying to see houses and lives transformed in two short weeks!

Until next time ... keep on building up your world ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!

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  1. Your repertoire of construction skills is increasing by leaps and bounds, Chris! Not so sure I'd ever want to learn to tar a foundation, but you've inspired me!

  2. Actually, the messier the job, the easier it is! I have a long, long way to go before I will ever claim to have any construction skills ... I just have a good and patient teacher (Doug)!

  3. Doug actually taught me valuable lessens on a daily basis.
    He already has my vote for future team leader.
    Joe Wiatr

    1. Thanks, he is a wonderful teacher/leader ... and I still have a LOT to learn! We enjoyed working, learning and laughing with you and Cherilyn! Wishing you safe travels and more successful builds. Thanks for all you do for Habitat, and we look forward to when our paths cross again!