Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Loop Around Sioux Falls

Our current Habitat build in Brookings, SD is making us feel like we are working full time again ... fun but busy days! In the evenings, we usually muster up just enough energy to walk around town hunting Pokemon, admiring the quiet neighborhoods and checking out the local brewery.

Wooden Legs Brewing Co has a unique draw on Wednesday nights with their "Wall Street" pricing. The price of their beer fluctuates during the evening with the supply and demand of their market ... better buy the IPAs when they are low! We enjoyed a successful evening of "buying low" with our new Habitat friends as we celebrated Jeff's birthday!

During our two mile walk from our campsite, I enjoyed the downtown points of interest like the dome of the old courthouse, the covered wagon at the Children's Museum and metal horse sculptures ... as Doug enjoyed catching the Pokemon that typically "hang out" around these sites!

But the weekends are make for the "road trips" to visit friends and sights in the vicinity!

On Labor Day weekend we were happy to be able to spend time with friends at their lake cabin and soak up the beauty of some of the last days of a northern summer.

Last weekend we decided to explore Sioux Falls with some friends. Located 40 miles south of Brookings on Interstate 90, we have always flown past it on our trips out west. The time had come to explore the source of the city's name ... the Sioux "Falls".

Sioux Falls has an 18 mile bike path that meanders along the Big Sioux River, past numerous waterfalls and around the town. Our first stop was Falls Park for a climb among the huge stones left behind by a glacier ... some photo ops.

On to the Sioux Fall's downtown area for lunch at JL Beers ... where all they do is burgers and beer, and they do them well!

Afterwards, we took time to walk through the Sidewalk Art Festival ... 225 vendors selling lots of cool stuff and NOTHING that I need or have wall space for ... imagine that!

As we continued our walk past the Victorian homes and historic buildings, we came to the Cathedral of St Joseph. I had heard from friends that it had been recently renovated and was definitely worth a visit ... we all concurred!

We were able to enjoy a self-guided tour of the artwork that added to the magnificence and reverence of the worship space.

Continuing our walk downtown we enjoyed a "cold one" ... beer and root beer ... out on the deck of the Woodgrain Brewing Co.  Doug was able to collect another coaster ... Bonus!

Walking back to our bikes, we noticed the perfect "fuel up" stop at the CH Patisserie. The vast colors, flavors and variety of the delicacies at this French pastry shop was going to make the choosing difficult, but ...

... the peanut butter cupcake was the winner with the creme brule croissant coming in a close second!

Back on our bikes, we needed to complete our loop and add on a few more miles as we road past more city parks and ... a bison??!!

Welcome to the Wild, Wild West!

We are always grateful to be able to discover the beauty ... and surprises of small town America ... in whichever small town RVentures takes us to!

Until next time ... loop around the beauty in your area ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!

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  1. Although we've only spent a night there before gaining SD residency, Sioux Falls is our hometown. Thanks for introducing us to some of its beauties!

    1. We are just loving these small midwestern cities! If only they could do something about those winter months! Happy travels!

    2. We are absolutely loving your commentaries and photos. Really a fabulous story you are living. Is is a dream? Is it real? Well you are living "a dream" for lots of us, Chrhis and doug. Thanks. love you, colette

    3. Thanks so much for your kind words, Colette, and for following along. Couldn't ever "dream up" all the beauty that God created for us! So grateful that we can share some of the beauty with you! Keep on brightening up the world with your amazing smile!!