Saturday, September 17, 2016

Habitat For Humanity Build #3: Brookings, SD

Our most recent Habitat for Humanity build took us to Brookings, South Dakota. During our three week stay, we saw great progress that could only be made through the dedication, skill and teamwork of our Care-a-Vanners group.

Every morning before we started working, our group gathered for a devotional lead by one of our members. The leader might share a reading, bible verse, personal story, or special saying. The following quote was shared by Alan, the father of the future homeowner, who worked with us every day. I felt that it eloquently states the reason our work with Habitat has been so meaningful for Doug and I.

"The things we do for others are merely the rent we pay for our place here on earth"

In our diverse group of volunteers, we got to see first hand, people "paying their rent" by sharing their talents with others. During the three week build, we worked together to transform these sparse walls into a warm home for Kristen and Jason and their four precious children.

Some remarkable "paying the rent" moments included:

Learning new skills from seasoned Habitat builders and our skillful ... and very patient ... construction supervisor, Ron. I can add "drywall installer" to my resume. 

Being treated to a daily feast with lunches prepared and served by Habitat homeowners ...

... and members of the community.

Learning all about power tools ... but I'm thinking that Alan should probably stand clear once I get going!

Trying to decide which of the "supervisor wanna-bees" we should listen to ...

Working alongside Kristen, the future homeowner, to ensure that the cold South Dakota winds stay outside!

Transforming the dark dingy walls of the Habitat ReStore ...

... into a bright, welcoming store!

Learning the art of hanging Tyvek and siding ... now who put the Tyvek on upside down???

Soaring to new heights with a talented group of women who helped me believe that there is no job that I can't tackle ... 

Getting over my hesitation with heights as I shingled roof with my best friend as well as most patient teacher ...

... and came to enjoy the bird's eye view as we installed the facia on the house peak.

Painting the house, not the town, red!

Enjoying the first "pizza party" in Kristen and Jason's new home. Sorry, kids, you won't be able to eat in the living room like we are! 

Getting a lesson from Mikey on "how to stay safe on scaffolding" and thus avoid a scary encounter with "Nurse Chris"...

 ... even though he loved hearing my "Minnesota accent" ... Yah, sure you betcha!

Becoming friends with a great group of Care-a-Vanners who ...

... skillfully and cheerfully "pay their rent" ... one nail and one smile at a time!

Until next time ... look for ways to "pay your rent"... and enjoy the adventures in your life!
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  1. Wow! I think you more than paid your rent there! Lunch provided for you every day is a nice perk. Enjoy your time off until Omaha!

    1. The affiliate treated us like royalty! So grateful to be surrounded by such talented people and that together we could accomplish so much!