Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Gulf State Park ... So much to "Sea"

Gulf State Park, located along the Alabama coast of the Gulf of Mexico was our home last week. The abundant sunshine, pristine beaches, interesting wild life and safe bike paths made RVentures on the Gulf something wonderful to "sea".


The Alabama Gulf coast, devastated by hurricanes and oil spills during the last decade, has come back more beautiful than ever. Walks along the miles of sandy beach revealed the natural beauty coming back strong.

I guess blue herons don't have to follow the "rules"

As we walked on the fishing pier, we were able to come close to a blue heron as he waited patiently for the fishermen to throw him some scraps. 

Willets poked around in the sand looking for their feast.

Word of advice: while looking for interesting shells, make sure the shell doesn't have a live crab on the other side! We both scurried away quickly!

Gulf State Park is surrounded by a treasure of flat, safe bike trails and bike lanes that connect the park with the beach towns of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. In fact, one day we were able to "bike" to Florida!

The Backcountry Trail lead us past alligator habitat areas. We enjoyed watching baby alligators sun under the vegetation while mama gator kept an eye on them in the swamp.

Two baby gators hanging out 

Mama gator keeps her eyes on her babies

One afternoon we drove 40 miles north of the beach towns and found a bike path along Mobile Bay that lead us to the cute town of Fairhope ...

... and to Doug's delight, Fairhope Brewing Company! Happy Day!!

Biking back we were able to admire the huge seaside estates that line the road and enjoy a beautiful sunset over Mobile Bay!

Getting to meet some of Doug's "Alabama" family was another blessing as we travel around the country. Aunt Jackie's beautiful smile and delicious seafood dinner gave us the wonderful feeling of being "home".

 Whether we are biking on the wide flat bike lanes ...

Or digging for shells in the sand ...

Or praising God for the beauty of His creation ...

There is so much to "sea" at Gulf Shores that everyone, including the shells are smiling!

Until next time ... SMILE ... as you enjoy the adventures in your life!

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