Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Harvest Hosts: Mississippi Living History at Landrum's Homestead & Village

I heard about the Harvest Host program from another full-time RV blog. It sounded like an interesting alternative when we only want to spend a single night when traveling a longer distance between RV parks. For $44 a year, we get access to the website that offers RVers a chance to stay for "free" overnight on the property of a local business, farm, winery, museum, etc. While they do not typically offer any water or electricity hook ups, it can be more interesting than spending the night in the local Walmart or Pro Bass parking lot. This seemed like just my type of RVenture, and we enjoyed our first Harvest Host experience this week at the Landrums Homestead & Village in Laurel, Mississippi.

Tom Landrum, pictured here, and his wife, Ann have created a "living history museum" on 20 acres of their land. Since 1984 they have involved their 5 children, 14 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren as well as their dogs, cats and farm animals in creating a beautiful village that provides a step back in time. The house pictured above, built in the early 1900's, originally belonged to a friend of his family. Tom, in his slow Southern accent, shared his memories of going to visit "Aunt Nannie" as a boy.

At 84 years young, Tom puts in a full day's work and enjoys making each visitor feel welcome with his friendly conversation.

"Rules" don't apply to cats!

Feeding the goats
Jack, the official greeter!

Many of the 60 buildings and the antiques that fill them have been donated by people in the area who hope to keep the history alive. Cabins, barns, one-room school house, and even a chapel bring the stories of yesteryear alive. 


Tom said that they have lots of school groups visit for "living history" field trips. I can just imagine the children giggling with delight as they run through the Maze, wonder at the optical illusions in the Mystery House, compete with one another at the Shooting Gallery, or try to beat Doug at a game of checkers in the General Store.

They were busy decorating for the Christmas season the day we were there. I had trouble envisioning snow and reindeer sleighs, when there were so many beautiful flowers still blooming!

As you know, I love to leave you with a good recipe. The one I found, however, may not be to everyone's liking!

After enjoying a nice afternoon on their acreage, we "boon-docked" on the side of their yard. I took advantage of the down time to shell some more of the pecans and admire the roses still blooming along the side of the yard.

With darkness settling in early and trying to use
the electricity minimally so to save our batteries, we heated up leftovers on our propane stove and enjoyed the evening reading under the LED lights that Doug installed this summer.

We enjoyed RVenture of discovering the living history in Landrum's Country ... 

and until next time, hope that you enjoy your daily adventures!
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