Thursday, November 12, 2015

There will be days like this...

We have reached the white, sandy beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama! As calm and peaceful as this picture looks, the trip here involved a few "bumps" in the road. As I am reminded, full-time RVentures sometimes include the not-so-fun surprises. I am so thankful that I have calm and practical-thinking Doug by my side to remind me to take a DEEP breath and "not sweat the small stuff".

On Tuesday, we left our Harvest Host location a little before 9 am. We had turned on the generator earlier that morning to make coffee ... and to make sure it was working since we had not used the generator for quite some time. Running great at first, then a not so nice "noise". The generator stopped ... and didn't restart. Something new for Doug to fix, but since we shouldn't need to use the generator in the near future, no immediate problem.

All going well, until about 15 miles down the road. While looking at the rear view camera, Doug detects smoke coming from the car. He quickly pulled off the road. The driver following us confirmed what we suspected ... the tires of our car locked up on us. For some unknown reason the emergency braking system that is a part of the towing gear, put on the breaks ... while the Wildebeest continued to pull the car. As you can imagine, this can be bad news. Thanks to Doug's quick reaction, only the front two tires were affected. 

As only God could provide, there was a church parking lot next to the house where we pulled off. I'm sure that the home owners would not have appreciated having this huge RV blocking their driveway for very long! The car was still drive-able, so we disconnected the car and got it and the Wildebeest out of the small driveway and over to the church lot. While I am still having my little "oh, my gosh" moment, Doug calmly called the tow company and found a nearby Walmart for new tires.

Thankfully, our first "boon-docking" experience in Walmart's parking lot only lasted a few hours. New tires and car in tow, we arrived at Gulf State Park in time to get settled in before dark and to "rejuvenate" with a walk along the beach the next morning. 

Still need to deal with the generator and possibly the car's towing system, but for now ... just praising God for the beauty and blessings that surround us!

Until next time ... take a deep breath ... and enjoy all the sometimes challenging but always beautiful adventures in your life!  Print this post


  1. Yes, down days are part of life's adventures too. We all have them. We send love and Blessings. We squeezed in a bike ride early afternoon today. Lots of folks out as we headed home (including Matt and Angela). c.

    1. A bad day of retirement is still better than a good day at work :-) But, we do miss all our wonderful Minnesota Biking Buddies...you are a hardy crew, and I will keep trying to convince God to continue to "share" this beautiful autumn weather with you! Hi to all...Hugs, Chris