Saturday, July 23, 2016

Catching Some Krebs Along the Way

As much as we love our new lifestyle, there are certain events that bring back fond memories of our former life. Some of these precious memories come from participating in The Ride Across Minnesota (TRAM) to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society every July. The TRAM can be described as "adult summer camp", because the friendship and fun brings out the "kid" in us all!

Our team, the Krebs Cyclers, combined great fund-raising skills with spectacular fun-raising skills! Our mascot, Percy, is a much beloved skeleton who constantly reminds riders what will happen if they don't stay hydrated during the often hot and humid ride!

Thanks to teammate Sue, Percy's ever changing, always humorous presence at Rest Stop #3 added to the fun!

As much as we miss participating in this week of fun, we were happy to hear that the ride was going to be close to our current location at Lake Carlos State Park. Their second day route would take them right through Alexandria as they enjoyed a rest stop in the shadow of "Big Ole, the Viking" who is currently getting a facelift. 

The radar showed a line of rain heading our way, and heat warnings were posted for the later part of the day, but I managed to coax Doug up WAY TOO EARLY in order to cheer on some of our teammates as they stopped to refuel and rehydrate.  A beautiful ten mile bike ride past the homes lining Lake Carlos lead us into town. The rain held out until we got there. We missed a few of the ambitious early riders, but arrived in time to see some of our beloved Krebs Cyclers roll in.

Local supporters equipped with bells, cheers and smiles welcomed the riders and encouraged them on!

The MS Society does a great job of planning the route, organizing volunteers and supplying nourishing snacks to refuel the riders!

Sag wagon support is available all along the route, so this is truly a ride for all levels of bicyclists. All you need is a passion for fun and a desire to support the quest to find a cure for MS!

We were happy to greet our teammates ... although, I am thinking that Doug could be a little more kind and share his umbrella! Andy claimed that the rain felt "refreshing"!

Seeing these two brought back fond memories of "drafting" behind the "power team" of  Doug, Paul and Warren on the previous TRAMs.

The longtime captain and top fundraiser for the Krebs, Dudley, came peddling in on the trike that allows him to continue to ride year after year. His passion for supporting MS research keeps him focused on the goal ... slow and steady wins the race!

The skies began to clear, the temps were starting to climb, and the ride marshals arrived signaling that the last rider was coming through. All TRAM volunteers provide support and encouragement to each rider until they cross the finish line ... just as all participants and donors support and encourage those who bravely face the struggle of MS on a daily basis!

As we headed back to the campground, we enjoyed a scenic ride along the bike friendly Glacial Ridge Trail. It was, however, slow at times ...

... because Pokemon were hiding along the way!

But we would have to agree that we had more fun catching some "Krebs" along the trail!

Until next time ... play like a kid ... and enjoy the adventures in your life! Print this post

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