Monday, July 11, 2016

"Minnesota Nice" Sights

We were scheduled to head north today, but the threat of strong storms kept us at Baker for one more day ... something about the Wildebeest (and I suspect his driver) not wanting to encounter high winds and torrential downpours while traveling on the highway. While the humidity builds and we wait for the rain, it is a perfect time to reflect on our time in Minneapolis.

You may have heard of "Minnesota Nice" ... yah, ya betcha! Well, we would like to share some of the many "Minnesota Nice" sights that we enjoyed during our stay in the Twin Cities.

Nestled along the 45th Parallel, Baker Park begins our "nice" list. Lake Independence, with its beaches and watersports, was a very "nice"  place to stay cool ... and learn a new skill!
Lots to enjoy right in our backyard, but RVentures in our car and on our bikes allowed us to enjoy many more "nice" sights in the surrounding area.

Some of our favorites ....
Minnehaha Falls
Loring Park 
Dandelion Water Fountain

Como Park Conservatory

...with its flowers,
...and gardens,
...and Carousel ... still as magical as I remember it as a kid!

A trip downtown brings us past the "nice" new Vikings stadium,
and leads us to Target Field to spend a "nice" afternoon watching the pros,
... but we still prefer the "nice" smiles of the semi-pros!

We biked by "nice" houses like this one near Lake of the Isle. This one can be yours for a couple million. It's kind of famous ... anyone know why??? Hint

Walking or boating around the lakes we meet the "nicest" old friends ...

... and the Fourth of July parades provides a festive atmosphere for a "nice" family gathering.

Polish ancestry or not ... it is worth the trip up to "nice" Nordeast Minneapolis to stock up on Kramarczuk's krakowska sausage,

... after stopping at "nice" little church like the Basilica of St Mary along the way. We heard about the Basilica Block Party a little too late ... next time around!

While you are in the neighborhood, make sure you visit a couple of the many "nice" local breweries ... just make sure they aren't closed for a private event ... 

So happy that there are a few other "nice" ones to choose from ... Cheers!

Venturing into St Paul, Chris was able to get her photo in front of the Minnesota state capitol ... not so "nice" as it is undergoing renovation.

Riding past the Victorian mansions that line Summit Avenue one afternoon, we had to stop to experience the ultimate Minnesota "nice"... The sign in front of the garden said, "Free strawberries - Help yourself to whatever you can pick!" Don't mind if I do!

Unfortunately, this past week Minnesota was put in the national spotlight with a tragic event that makes many question the "nice" in the people around us. Our hearts go out to those affected by the senseless violence. It serves to remind us that we need to remember that ...

While volunteering at the nearby Y Camp SuperKids in June, Chris had the gift of being surrounded by the precious "Minnesota Nice" smiles of kids and counselors all week long!

From sunrise to sunset ... as we seek it out ... "Minnesota Nice" lives in the hearts of those around us!

Until next time ... appreciate all the "nice" around you ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!
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  1. Looks like you had a VERY NICE time in Minnesota! Your final photo of the sunset is gorgeous!

    1. As you know, it is always NICE to come "home" and enjoy family! From the looks of your travel schedule, I am anticipating some wonderful stories and photos from some beautiful National parks. Happy travels!

  2. Looking good guys! The pictures are beautiful and yes it is nice to come home and see family! I recently moved to http://sabbiabeachcondos.com/about-sabbia-beach/ where it is really beautiful but I have to say I miss my family in Seattle a lot! Also I miss my old RV days! Snowbirding in Quartzsite - a dream come true :) Now I have my whole year long snowbird paradise!
    Have a great day!

    1. Glad that you enjoyed our recap of the joys of returning to our hometown. Yes, while we love discovering new places, "home" and "family" still are precious to us! We hope to make it to Quartzsite this winter if RVentures take us that direction. At this point, still debating ... Florida or Southwest??? Always appreciate to hear about other travelers favorite places!