Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lake Carlos State Park: Fun and Games

How many full time RVers know what they are going to be doing a year from now??!!

That's the question we had last summer when our camping buddies, Dan and Barb, invited us to join them and a few other friends for their annual vacation at the "best state park" in Minnesota. Well, we have always admired their talent for finding a variety of fun adventures, so we were intrigued ... and after two weeks at Lake Carlos State Park in Alexandria, Minnesota we realized that once again, they were absolutely right! Lake Carlos State Park is the place for fun and games!

Dan and Barb make reservations a year in advance to ensure the "primo" sites on the lakeshore. Their group of friends includes many generations of families who have been coming to Lake Carlos for about fifteen years. Some, like Jack and Irene, married for over 60 years, still enjoy a smooch under the full moon.

Others, like this one year old cutie, are just starting to set their sights on the beauty of the lake.

We are happy that they included us in their vacation "family"! The Wildebeest's shaded "home" in the second row gave us easy access to all the group activities.

Fun on the Water included:

Water tubing with the "Golden Girls"

and being thankful that "Captain Dan" brought us all back in one piece!

Sailboarding ... our friend, Doug makes it look easy!

Fishing ... Fisherman Jake was not so successful, 

while our "expert", Trish, reeled the sunnies in. Unfortunately the "Fish Dinner for All" did not materialize!

Catching a ride on the stand up paddleboard ... that child knows the way to relax!

Hitching a ride down the river ... despite his name, "Lucky" is not going to take any chances ... he is equipped with his "doggy" PFD!

Jet skiing ... and dreaming about the day that he can do it all on his own!

Enjoying sunset pontoon rides under the full moon

Directing the boat driver ... or just being the cute puppy hood ornament.

More Fun Could Be Found on Land including ...

Campfire stories, games and treats. Unfortunately, Chris' guitar skills are not yet up to "campfire sing-a-long" standards.

Hikes through the park. We helped Dan and Barb train for their next adventure ... hiking to the bottom the Grand Canyon. Hey, maybe we should add that to RVenture's bucket list??!!

Birding ... all the squawking lead us to an eagle's nest ... and hungry juveniles waiting for mom and dad to bring them dinner. Hopefully, they are better fisherman than us humans!

Biking on the quiet roads around Lake Carlos revealed beautiful sights like wineries ...

... and Poke Stops!

And Games Any Time of Day 

Everett was the proud winner of "guess the number of candies" game! He was thrilled to be in total control of 253 pieces of candy!

Doug and Dan added some light on the subject as they tried their best to beat the women in Quarkle. Maybe next year.... 

Terry's skill and love of playing bocci is legendary! Actually, we believe that she is an expert in just about any game there is as she was usually the enthusiastic winner!

But when it comes to designing the winning water rocket, Doug excels!

His prize for the best rocket? A VERY LARGE can of chocolate pudding!

Which made great snacks at the the next campfire!

Yes, our two weeks at Lake Carlos proved to us that being surrounded by the beauty of nature ...

And the fun and games of friends ...

Makes our world so sweet!

Speaking of sweet ... anyone want some pudding? We still have plenty to share!

Until next time ... seek out life's fun and games ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!

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  1. How fun! I enjoyed all your photos with the accompanying character sketches, but my favorite was the cute puppy hood ornament. Looks like a fun time was had by all!

    1. Atu was such a cute puppy and he sure loved the water ... he had his own PFD and did a lot of "dog paddling"! Always good to hear from you ... and the fun that you two find also! Safe travels!