Sunday, January 22, 2017

Fun in the Tucson Sun

A year ago while hiking through a Florida state park, we struck up a conversation with some fellow RV travelers. During our walk and later around the campfire, we discovered many common interests including hiking, biking, and just enjoying the great outdoors. What a joy to be able to stay in touch, and to have our travel paths cross again in Arizona. Our month long stay at Rincon Country East RV Resort (our first 55+ RV park) with Joanne and Gary proved that even us "old folks" can have great fun in the Tucson sun!

The palm trees accentuate the pristine surroundings of Rincon's common areas and large RV sites. Their common area housed the pool, hot tub, billiards tables, exercise room, laundry, wood shop, sewing room, library and large auditorium. After studying the activity calendar, we realized that we could fill our time with just about any special interest imaginable. We decided to check out Wednesday morning's "free" donuts gathering in hopes of finding out about all the activities and meeting some of the other winter visitors. But after sitting through a hour of "announcements", we decided that we would just fill up on Chris' homemade bread and create our own fun.

And fun we found ... on the pickleball court! Since none of us had played before, we read, discussed and over-analyzed the rules. Thankfully, a friendly gent came along and taught us the game. After a few practice games and a "private" serving lesson from Doug, I was was able to join in with these "pros".

We spent many afternoons honing our skills and sharing a lot of laughs ... and probably thoroughly irritating the "serious" group of bocci ball pros in the court behind us. 

We found more fun on our bikes exploring the area surrounding the Air Force base ...

... and finding a brewery or two! Doug wasn't overly impressed by the local craft beers, but that just means that he gets to continue his search for the perfect IPA.

But we were successful in bringing Joanne and Gary over to the "dark side" of biking as we equipped our bikes with lights and enjoyed a night ride to one of our favorite hangouts, The Arizona Beer House. With 33 local brews on tap, free popcorn and tasty food truck selections, there was something for everyone!

Hanging out in the resort's billiard room was also a great way to spend the evenings,

... but, like pickleball, I am going to need A LOT MORE PRACTICE before I hit the professional circuit. 

Rincon sponsored many trips to local attractions, so one morning I got on their free bus to explore the Tucson Museum of Art. Since wandering aimlessly through artsy-type stuff is not Doug's favorite activity, he was happy to work on some RV projects ...

... while I soaked in some "culture". Among my favorites: 

"El Nacimiento", an elaborate diorama of the birth and life of Christ featuring thousands of ornate figurines,

"Adam", Auguste Rodin's larger than life sculpture of the first man,

... and his eloquent "Young Mother in the Grotto" sculpture,

and the many paintings reflecting the colorful beauty of the southwest which helped me further appreciate the charm of our current surroundings.

Yes, during our month in Tucson, we appreciated hanging out with our hiking buddies ... 

... and happy hour companions.

Knowing that we would soon be going our separate ways, we decided to grab our favorite fellows ...

... and hop on the stagecoach to enjoy an evening at the Gaslight Theater.

Their current production, "The Two Amigos" was an entertaining way to celebrate the good times that happen ... 

... when four amigos enjoy laughter and fun in the Tucson sun!

Until next time ... soak up some fun with a friend ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!

A picture of Doug taking a picture ...
... of  Joanne taking a picture!

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