Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hanging out with the Cool Dudes

What a great gift it was to be able to have our two sons fly in from Minnesota for a Christmas visit!  Even though the Wildebeest felt pretty "cozy" with two extra people, we were happy to have the chance to enjoy time with them in the Arizona sunshine.

While educational opportunities are not always at the top of their social calendars, we did convince them to explore the Rincon Mountain District of the Saguaro National Park. They listened attentively (kind of ... sort of ... not really) as their father educated them on the names and characteristics some of his favorite cacti ... the ocotillo, staghorn cholla, and giant saguaro. But their interest did perk up as we hiked amid the forest of saguaro, and they realized how tall, old, and unique these beautiful desert giants are!

Rain on Christmas day kept us indoors, but it was a good chance to check out the newest Star Wars movie, Rogue One. Yes, they still had to explain to me what was going on ... I really should watch the original movies again. Later that afternoon, Doug fired up the coals for a tasty steak dinner.

The sun came out the following day, so we set out to check out the Tucson skateboarding scene.

Purple Heart and Gallego skate parks provided the bowls, jumps and rails needed for these cool dudes to impress all with their serious skateboarding skills. 

Afterwards, they topped off their perfect skateboard day with a flight of beer that seemed to be designed just for them at the Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. For Doug's review click here.

But mostly, time was spent relaxing under the palm trees ... 

... that surround the pool at our current "home", Rincon East RV Park. Although the palms are not native to this part of the country, they do add to the tropical feeling of our surroundings. It was great to just be able to relax and enjoy the amenities that are here ... billiards, swimming pool and hot tub ... while catching up on the fun and adventures of our sons' lives.

For the best times of all ...

... are times spent with family!

Until next time ... hang out with family ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!

Thanks to my sister Sue for the
Christmas banner that matches the Wildebeest perfectly!

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  1. What a memorable Christmas for your family! So glad your sons were able to join you!

  2. They sure appreciated a respite from the Minnesota cold, and we appreciated time with them. A change in the "normal" Christmas traditions of the past is still a precious gift! Safe travels!