Monday, January 9, 2017

Mis Dientes Son Bonitos!

Since we are going to be in Tucson for a month, Doug decided that it would be a good time to have our semi-annual teeth cleaning done ... in Mexico!

Doug was told by his local dentist that he should consider replacing one of his crowns ... at a cost of about $1500. Well, being the avid RV blog reader that he is, he discovered that many full-time RVers (and even more locals who live in the southwest United States) go to Mexico for their dental care ... and pay about one-quarter the cost. After talking with some friends in the Tucson area, we received a recommendation for Arizona Dental Office located in Nogales, Mexico ... about 80 miles south of our current location. Having the crown replaced would take two trips, but at a much lower cost of $300. He was definitely intrigued, so he made our appointments.

We parked our car in a lot on the US side of Nogales and walked over to Mexico (in the pouring rain ... what the heck ... aren't we in a desert??!!). The dental office was located just a block from the border crossing. I was a bit more hesitant than Doug but agreed to have my teeth examined and cleaned. The dental assistant took xrays ($15 extra) before my exam. Dr Calvo, a pleasant young dentist, did my exam as well as the cleaning. When I told him that I was learning Spanish, he threw in a "free" lesson. Talking "mas despacio" (very slowly), he told me that "mis dientes son bonitos". At my age, I am always thrilled to be called pretty ... even if it just my teeth!

We had a delightful conversation ... as best I can converse with my mouth open. After his exam, he gave me his written recommendations for areas to "watch", but once again complimented my "dientes bonitos". The total cost for the xrays, exam and cleaning ... $60. Now, I did not get the "free" toothbrush and floss like I would have at my regular dentist, but all-in-all a positive experience at a reasonable price.

Doug was actually thinking that he would have his crown replaced there as his local dentist had recommended, but the dentist he saw stated that it looked good for now. Since it is not causing him any trouble or pain, the dentist recommended that he just continue to watch it. We were impressed with the dentist's honest opinion.

It was still drizzling and cool (can't say "cold" or our northern friends will call us wimps) when we got done, so we did not take time to walk around the town. Instead we got into a looong, slow-moving line of people waiting to come into the US. It took us 50 minutes to get through customs, but the "people-watching" experience kept me entertained. I could not figure out why there were quite a few people (mostly older women and young families with children) cutting in front of the line ... and more amazed that the other people politely let them go ahead. Maybe we Americans just need to take a lesson in patience and kindness from our neighbors to the south.

On our way back the skies cleared, so we decided to check out the artists' colony of Tubac, Arizona

Our lunch at Elvira's Mexican Restaurant was pricey and probably not near as good as what we could have enjoyed in Nogales (darn rain!). But we had fun walking through all the shops and once again seeing lots of art that we don't need. Actually, I think that this piece would go perfect on the Wildebeest's wall as we continue RVentures "together forever".

Until next time ... flash those dientes bonitos ... and enjoy all the adventures in your life!
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