Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ho, Ho, Hallelujah!

Ho, Ho, Hallelujah!

Christmas Greetings
Doug and Chris Chartrand

As we sit under the palm trees gazing out at the birds soaring above the Florida lagoon, it hardly seems like the crazy pre-Christmas season of the past. This has been an amazing year of change; of letting go, of setting out, of discovering God's beautiful world as "RVentures" began. Since the majestic palms are reminding us more of Easter, our greeting to you this Christmas season is more appropriately, "Ho, Ho, Hallelujah!"

After healing up, selling our house, and temporarily going back to work (that wasn't in the plan), we enjoyed summer in Rochester while getting used to living in our RV. The promise/threat of colder weather had us hit the road in the beginning of October. The past three months of "RVentures" have taken us south to beautiful campsites on the shores of lakes, rivers, bayous, lagoons, and oceans. But more importantly then the wonderful locations, is the appreciation of the "gifts" we are able to experience daily ... the Hallelujah moments.

These Hallelujah moments in 2015 came in all forms....

  • Helping Chris' dad in his last earthly days and knowing that he is now enjoying a heavenly polka with Mom.
  • Enjoying time with siblings as we sorted through the years of memories and found treasures in the form of photos, letters, and stories.
  • Exploring the Minneapolis bike paths, meeting up with Kevin, and seeing his excitement as he continues to enjoy "living the dream".
  • Coming back "North" at Christmas to see Adam graduate from the University of Wisconsin - Stout and start to plan his career in property management.
  • Working through the struggles and discovering the joys that come with living in small living quarters on wheels.
  • Appreciating the fact that these close quarters come with a massive, ever-changing "back yard". 
  • Realizing that there is nothing better than spending time with your best friend.
  • Chronicling "RVentures" with photos and stories on our blog, "RVentures with Doug and Chris". We hope you are able to follow along at  www.dougchartrand.blogspot.com. Fill in your email address on the right side of our blog home screen, and you will get an email notice when we add a new post.

So dear friends, our Christmas wish is that you too can savor and enjoy all the Hallelujah moments in your life ... and that we can stay connected in friendship no matter where "RVentures" take us.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas
many Hallelujah moments in 2016!

Chris and Doug

"A Hallelujah Christmas" by Cloverton from Ross Wooten on Vimeo. Print this post

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