Monday, December 7, 2015

The Million Dollar Views of the Timpoochee Trail

Our friends told us about a biking trail along the quaint seaside village not far from our current location. With the sun shining and temps in the 70s, we decided that RVenture today would be to try out the Timpoochee Trail.

The Timpoochee is an 18 mile trail that parallels the Gulf along Hwy 30a. It passes through cute vacation villages and near the fairly rare ecological treasures known as "dune lakes". 

These lakes have variable contact with the Gulf of Mexico, so the water conditions can vary from fresh to salt water producing a unique and always changing ecosystem. Love it when we can enjoy God's million dollar views ... free for the peddling.

Eight miles down the trail, we came to the very cute town of Seaside. This master-planned community was where most of the filming of the Jim Carrey movie "The Truman Show" took place. The million dollar views now consisted of pastel houses, paved roads, lamp-shade light posts, palm trees and flowering bushes in pine needle gardens.

The "cuteness" was just beyond my belief...I was so glad that we were on our bikes, so that we could slowly take in all the charm of this community.

Community parks, swimming pools, shopping centers and chapels shared the same charming architectural style. I am glad that Doug kept track of our location as I quickly got lost in utopia.

No speeding allowed!

The community chapel

A matching home for  the Wildebeest!

Doug knows me well enough ... the only way to get us to continue on our ride is to find the ice cream shop. Keeping with the million dollar theme, the mocha gelato was worth every penny!

Our next stop was Grayton Beach. I never tire of the million dollar views as we walk the miles of sandy white beaches!

Days are still getting shorter, so it was time to head back to our starting point. 

And back to our campsite at Saint Andrews State Park for sunset on the beach ... the best kind of million dollar view!

Until next time ... look around you ... and enjoy all the million dollar views in your life! Print this post

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