Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Big Question: How do you get mail???

It's beginning to look like Christmas ...

And with the approach of the holidays, come the thoughts of working on our annual Christmas picture and greetings.

Which brings us to the most asked question when we talk to people about RVentures and the nomadic lifestyle:

"How do you get mail when your "home" is continually on the move?"

Well, the easiest answer ... and the philosophy that we are trying to embrace is: through the electronic environment. Email, Facebook, our blog, telephone, and texting is helping us stay connected with dear family and friends.

While we would love to be able to have the postman find the Wildebeest in whatever sweet camping spot we find ourselves, Uncle Sam wants to stay connected with us via a "permanent" address. Thus, we have chosen Florida for our "home" or domicile state after weighing the various benefits of no state taxes, good healthcare, beautiful climate, presence of family, and likelihood of having YOU want to visit us someday!! 

Florida, Texas and South Dakota are the three most popular choices for crazy people like us. Thus, they have a few companies that, for a fee, will give us a physical address and handle the snail mail that we receive.

After some research, Doug chose St Brandon's Isle (SBI) mail service who, for a monthly fee, provides us with our Florida address and handles the mail that we receive. We are residents of Green Cove Springs ... sounds lovely ... maybe we will visit someday :-)

Before we started our travels, Doug did a great job of decreasing the amount of physical mail that we received. He worked hard to get newsletters, bank statements, bills and other physical pieces of mail to be changed over to electronic submission.

Take a moment to look at that pile of mail that is on your table, desk, counter, or overflowing onto floor. One of the BEST benefits of this lifestyle is that I no longer have that dreaded mail pile.

When we get a piece of mail sent to our "address" at Green Cove Springs, the SBI staff scans the envelope front and sends us an email. At that point, we can decide to:

  • Have them open, scan in the contents and send the scanned contents to us.
  • Send it to us unopened (provided we will be at an address that is easy to receive our mail).
  • Have them shred it unopened.
Of course, each of extra services is an added fee, so we prefer to get the electronic version whenever possible.

But, Christmas is coming, and we, like you, LOVE receiving those wonderful Christmas cards, letters and pictures. So, please email, message, phone, or text us, and we can provide you with the best "temporary" address for us.

We will be heading up to Minnesota in a few weeks for Adam's college graduation ... how fast they grow!

We are also looking forward to visiting and celebrating Christmas with friends and family... and deliver our holiday greetings in person to many of you. Let me know if you want me to invade your kitchen for a holiday bake-a-thon! 

So until next time ... throw that pile of junk mail away ... and enjoy the Holiday adventures in your life!

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