Monday, December 21, 2015

Panama City Gems: Beaches, Wildlife and Friends

It's a busy time of year, but we want to make sure that we share with you the "gems" we discovered when we visited Panama City, Florida at the beginning of December.

One of these "gems" was our home for ten days at St. Andrews State Park. From the lusciously forested sites to the miles of pristine beach to the menagerie of birds and marine life, each day brought new beauty.

Whether enjoying the sunrise over the Grand Lagoon or the sunset over the Gulf, the "gem" of wonderful weather provided many opportunities to explore the park.

On our walks we encountered "gems" of wildlife that shared the state park with us. We enjoyed frequent sightings of deer, lizards, blue herons, and dolphins (far in the distance). 

The "gem" of friendship proved to be the most valuable and enjoyable part of our visit to Panama City. I was able to reconnect with a dear friend from my college days. What a gift to be able to share stories and laughs ... as well as her kitchen for a Christmas cookie bake-a-thon!  

Doug and I were so grateful to be able to experience the local "gem" known as Southern Gospel music. When we attended the Gold City Reunion concert, we appreciated that we were able to enjoy an aspect of Southern culture that we would not have found on our own.

With Christmas approaching, we left the Wildebeest nestled among the magnolias and grapefruit trees as we travel north to celebrate our son's graduation and the holidays. 

RVentures will take us away for a few weeks from the land from the land of "sandmen" ... and thanks to "El Nino", we have not yet spotted a "snowman"! 

 Until next time ... seek out the "gems" ... and enjoy the adventures in your life!
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  1. You are amazing! You have had some big adventures! Included in these are attending your son's graduation and visiting friends as you constantly adjust to what needs to happen: weather :). Sending good wishes and lots of love for now and in the new year, Colette (for Francis, also)